S2CA Congress in Angers

Last Tuesday we attended the Science and Connected Health Congress in Angers, an opportunity to discuss connected health with healthcare professionals.

from October 23, 2017 to October 27, 2017

This week, we went to Angers to attend the S²CA congress. This congress was organized by the University of Angers as part of the Connected Week, and offered round tables and conferences on the theme of Big Data in Health. During this event, we discovered the point of view of numerous healthcare professionals on the massive collection of patient data. They cited many benefits: progress for research by providing a better return for clinical trials, progress for patients by allowing them to contact their doctors quickly, progress for physicians who can correlate the occurrence of diseases with places or lifestyle habits.

However, we noticed that the collection methods were barely covered: connected objects for health were mentioned, but the topic was not developed, and the idea of a smart home was not raised. A good opportunity for us to propose an innovative solution for patient follow-up.

Most of the speakers and people we spoke to consider Big Data to be a good opportunity, and few negative aspects emerged. We will check, by contacting other doctors and caregivers, if this point of view is shared by all healthcare professionals, or if opposition can be heard.

We took advantage of this congress to establish contact with a multitude of health care professionals, who we will get in touch with at a later date: doctors, researchers, lawyers specialized in health data, and political figures. Our goal is to be able to discuss in depth the issues of connected health, their vision of this new model and the changes to be made to sensibly integrate Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence in the health field.

Therefore, we are moving forward on the establishment of a new model of society, allowing more accurate monitoring of the health of individuals, and the design of connected home prototypes.

Published on November 6, 2017 Updated on November 6, 2017