The medical data in our demonstrators

This week we are presenting our progress concerning the part of the project revolving around data processing.

from February 5, 2018 to February 9, 2018

As a reminder, among our deliverables, two have a direct relation with informatics : the physical demonstrator and the numerical simulator. In the numerical simulator, the player which is controlling the character, creates simulated data with the numerical objects implemented in the game. A weight, a heartbeat or a glycemic level are, for instance, generated in the case of the treatment of a diabetic patient. We process the same type of data in the physical demonstrator via our sensors such as the temperature sensor or the heartbeat sensor. Hence, it appeared to us that grouping all those data into a single storage space was an interesting idea. Our database is connected to both the physical demonstrator and the numerical simulator. This allows us to treat data independently from its origin and to display it on a common interface. This interface is divided into two interfaces, one for the patient and a more complete and modular one for the doctor. 

But how does this connection concretely work ? For the numerical simulator, data already have the appropriate format, a simple code connects the data from Unity3D to the database. For the physical demonstrator however, the process is a bit longer. Data from the sensors are translated and sent to a computer through the Arduino cards with a cable or Bluetooth connexion. This computer then sends the data in the database. Thanks to that, our interface displays in real time the data received by the objects, both physical or numerical. It is then possible to choose the data depending on the disease and with different time intervals. While working on those deliverables, we are still progressing with our ethical report and our inauguration event next month.

Published on February 14, 2018 Updated on February 14, 2018