The inauguration events

This week we take stock of our progress, and more particularly on the organisation of our two inauguration events.

from January 29, 2018 to February 2, 2018

To give substance to our team work that started in September, we are organising two inauguration events. The first event will take place at Nantes university hospital on 14th of March where we will present our work to our hospital partners and to any other healthcare professionals who would be interested in our project. It will be the opportunity for a round table discussion about the limits of technology for healthcare, after the presentation of our project. As students of Centrale, we work in and with our engineering school on this project. That is why we are organising this second event on the 21st of March on campus. This event is intended for the other students to let them discover our option and the concept of a connected house for healthcare. All students of the school are invited, but also every teacher and researcher on campus. A conference on the theme of connected healthcare will close the event.

This week, in preparation for these two events, we have sent out invitations for our school event and started to contact participants for the round table at the university hospital. We are in touch with the communication and security departments of our school and the hospital to deal with the logistics. We are still meeting people who may be able to help us with our ethical report. Thus, we were able to talk with Renaud Clément, a forensic doctor, M. Le Henaff from the patients association and Richard Randriatoamanana from the Laboratory of Digital Sciences of Nantes. Don’t forget to watch our January video which sums up the progress made by our team and follow us on Twitter to stay informed regarding our project.

Published on February 2, 2018 Updated on February 2, 2018