Meeting with Pr De Decker

This week we met Pr De Decker. Also, we come back on the transfer of data from an Arduino board to a database.

from December 18, 2017 to December 22, 2017

This week, we met Professor Laure De Decker, geriatrician and specialist of onco-geriatrics. After we redefine some concepts, (as short term or long term diseases), we started to talk about the relationship between technology and elderly. According to Pr De Decker, this will be a problem from the 75-80 years old age class. Moreover, it could be possible to make the patient have access to their data, but under the condition they had received a specialized therapeutic education before, like diabetics who know how to read their blood glucose level. The patients should be able to annotate some changes of their data they judge "normal" (like the increase of the heart rate during sexual activity).

We also had advices concerning the main information to get for an elder (fall, alimentation), the problems linked to the age that can limit the use of connected objects (dysexecution, osteoarthritis). Moreover, we had the contact details of a ethics specialized coroner and responsible of the forensic medicine in the University Hospital of Nantes: Renaud Clément.

Concerning the physical demonstrator, we worked on the transfer of data from an Arduino board to a database. We've determined and experimented several solutions: the transfer of these data by a direct connection, or the save of the data in a text file by Arduino and then opening of this file. We work on the reliable implementation of one of this solution, that we'll choose according to our competences and the ease of its execution.

Finally, concerning the IT part of the project, we've worked on the encryption of the passwords. Thus, if someone achieves to access to the database, he could only see an encrypted version of the password.

Published on December 22, 2017 Updated on December 22, 2017