Data security and Business Plan

Feedback on Benjamin Vialle's intervention on data security and focus on our reflexion on the creation of a Business plan, with the help of our industrial coach Philippe Aumont.

from November 6, 2017 to November 10, 2017

Data security is a burning issue when it comes to health data. Indeed, our goal in the project is to use the user's personal health data, hence the need to treat this data carefully.

In order to better understand the issues raised by health data security, Benjamin Vialle, responsible for the information systems in the CNIL (National Commission for Data Protection), gave us the basics on this subject. We took the opportunity to ask him our questions about how we could secure the health data coming from connected objects. We also discussed healthcare data hosts, the different means to secure data and the future data law that will be implemented in May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Another significant event this week, the day with our industrial coach Philippe Aumont. With his help, we managed to create our first business plan. 

This exercise raised several questions about the future of the financing of the healthcare system and about which house model we want to set up: a house dedicated to prevention or a house to follow up the patient after a stay in hospital? After some research, like the study of the annual activity report of Nantes Hospital or the different players in the healthcare systems, we draw up the first version of our Business Model Canvas by taking the position of the Hospital: value proposition, key activities and key partners, customers segments. Once this task was done, we started to think about a financing plan and also about the cost structure linked to the introduction of connected houses for healthcare.

This economic and financial analysis allows us to quantify the impact of such a change for Nantes Hospital by comparing the costs generated by a patient staying at the hospital and the cost generated by a patient treated at home. In a home equipped with connected objects issued by Nantes Hospital of course. So the hospital treads the path towards digital transformation and the connected health for healthcare is definitely a part of it.

Published on November 17, 2017 Updated on November 17, 2017