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This week: summary concerning our sensors, writing of the ethical report and visit to the Regional Agency of Health.

from January 22, 2018 to January 26, 2018

This week we made progress on the construction of our own sensors. Indeed, the temperature and humidity measuring sensor is operational, and we'll add a CO2 level sensor to it. Moreover, we designed a sensor to measure heartbeat, that we want to integrate into the sofa or a cushion of our physical demonstrator.

Currently, we still have work to do to create a fall detector which will be placed under the carpet of our demonstrator and a presence detector, which lights the path should a patient wake in the middle of the night. We are also working on scales, a spirometer, a tensiometer and a thermometer that we would like to integrate into a mirror.

We have started to draft our ethical report. Several students are participating in this task, which should take one month, according to the plan, finishing at the end of February. It contains some cohesion phases to make the text consistent and to avoid repetition. It also planned that Emilie Poirson and Morgan Magnin re-read each main part of the report.

We also met two people of the Regional Agency of Health, with whom we talked about different subjects such as patient education, artificial intelligence, financing and responsibility issues.

Published on January 29, 2018 Updated on January 29, 2018