Team building and research methods

This week, team building with our hospital contacts, and taking stock of research methods.

from December 11, 2017 to December 15, 2017

Last Wednesday was dedicated to research methods, aiming to write our ethical report. We started the day with a course taught by Morgan Magnin, who recommended using software to formalize and share our bibliography. We chose the software Mendeley, on which we'll share articles concerning our subject, that we'll summarize and tag so that we can find them quickly.

As our project is an innovation, we have encountered difficulties to find relevant articles. To face this problem, our professor recommended researching similar problems in other fields, such as prisoner surveillance for example.

In the afternoon, we met the school librarian. We talked about which approach we need to take to write a structured report. The first thing to do when we research is to define the subject's parameters, with chronological and linguistic barriers. Then we have to switch search engines (Google Scholar, Pubmed Medline...) and use the adapted keywords (beware of polysemy!) It's also important to meet people working in different fields to have a full overview, in particular patient associations, because they are the people most affected by our projet. Following this advice, we started our shared and formalized bibliography, and we continue to look for articles on search engines other than Google.

On Tuesday morning, Thomas Lechevallier and Alfredo Moreira, our CHU contacts, came to Centrale Nantes for a team building session. This is an informal way to meet, with the aim of getting to know each other better.  It's common practice in companies, and it's often beneficial. This session comprised three workshops, with four teams of four people. Thus, it was the opportunity for our correspondants and Morgan Magnin, project supervisor, to be in contact with the students in an other context than that of the day-to-day of the project. 

Published on December 18, 2017 Updated on December 18, 2017