Our first paper!

First paper in this weekly series! This week we present our project.

from September 25, 2017 to September 29, 2017

Hello and welcome to our website !

You’re reading today the first article of a long weekly series, which will help you to follow the progress of our project: a smart house for health. This one is carried out by 14 students of the French engineering school Centrale Nantes. Men and women of many backgrounds working together to carry out this project.

What is this project?

By the end of March, we must imagine a connected house for health, in keeping with "Ulysses", the digital hospital project of the University Hospital of Nantes. The purpose of such a house is to work as a hospital room, allowing the follow-up of a patient who can enjoy the comfort of his home, but also a prevention mission. The house will be connected to the university hospital. Therefore, the clinician can follow of the patient's progress, and the contact between them can be achieved more easily.

Our current goal is to adapt houses already built, but we can imagine for tomorrow a home that is built for the health of its inhabitants.

Each month, we will release a video, in addition to weekly articles. This week, we went to the Talensac market to meet the inhabitants of Nantes, with the purpose of discovering their opinions and their expectations for the smart home!

Many things happened during this first month of work, and we look forward to introducing them to you! In order to follow our team every day, you can also subscribe on Twitter: @SmartHealthCN.

See you next week to follow the progress of our project!

Published on November 7, 2017 Updated on November 7, 2017