Meeting with the medical committee

Feedback concerning our meeting with the medical committee.

from November 13, 2017 to November 17, 2017

This week was full of events, especially with the meeting with the medical committee composed of a neurologist, a lung specialist and a cardiologist who helped us reframe our project’s perimeter. 

A discussion with the cardiologist allowed us to learn more about telemedicine, in particular in the field of cardiology and health related technologies. This professor is already practicing telemedicine by implementing connected objects in his patients so he can have access to a pacemaker’s data, a defibrillator’s data (electrodes placed on the heart that can deliver an electric shock when needed) or just follow his patients' vital signs. 

For this transition, the CHU has to train nurses so they can use those new technologies in order to take care of patients that are treated at home, deal efficiently with the alerts and answer stressed patients’ questions. It is also important to think about an automatic system that would detect and convey the alerts as well as the design of an emergency system. 

These meetings enabled us to reframe our perimeter. We have therefore decided that we wouldn’t deal with the case of general prevention for a totally healthy patient who would not accept to be treated in case of a disease and it would require a significant amount of clinical tests to discover certain diseases. This is why we are going to focus on two types of people:

  • post-hospitalization patients (after a surgery or "short term" disease)  
  • people at risk (elderly people and people with, or with the possibility of contracting, a chronic disease)

Those two profiles will need:

  • A temporary kit with connected objects that can treat post-hospitalization issues and short term diseases.
  • Permanent objects discreetly placed in the patient’s home.

Next week, we will focus our research on specific diseases and surgeries. 

Published on December 5, 2017 Updated on December 5, 2017