About the report

More details concerning the report, one of our three deliverables which will bring together a presentation of the project, the business plan of a connected house, a description of our process and a global view of the societal issues related to our project.

from October 9, 2017 to October 13, 2017

The report, a major deliverable

We have defined the form and the content of our report, our third deliverable. First of all, we intend to provide a global presentation of our project, which will integrate the business plan of a connected house. The purpose is to answer the following question: what strategies and business model should be adopted to make the smart home for health feasible? The second part of our report will explain our process and the inner workings of our working group. It will gather the difficulties that we were able to face, the solutions put in place to overcome them, but also explanatory overviews of how our physical and digital demonstrators work.

The third part of the report will present a global view of the societal issues raised by our connected house project for health. On the one hand, we will talk about how to lead lifestyle change for the inhabitants of such a house, but also how to manage the impact of this new form of healthcare on the medical staff. Indeed, one can imagine that the patient-doctor relationship or the work of the caregivers will be disrupted because of these new medical solutions. On the other hand, we will discuss ethical and legal issues, especially  personal data collection and processing with regards to the inhabitant of the connected house. Finally, we can define the current or future constraints of our smart home for health.

Now we must meet people who can help us because of their interest in the subject: medical committees, patients or even philosophers, we want all the opinions we can get! Do not hesitate to give yours on the subject, via our Twitter account or our email address ;-)

Companies, essential help for our project

We need the help of many manufacturers to carry out the projet… In fact, we need to understand the operation of existing connected objects, and connect objects to our database and human-machine interfaces. We would like to borrow existing objects from these manufacturers, and equip our physical demonstrator.

Fortunately, the University Hospital of Nantes had prepared a list of pre-established contacts with many companies in various fields: robotics, home automation, information systems, etc. Now that we have created a communication brochure, published the website and configured our contact address for these companies, we were able to contact them. We have received numerous replies, with the intent to meet us, discuss our project or even propose solutions!

Beyond these contacts obtained thanks to the University Hospital of Nantes, we also wish to contact start-ups, some based in Nantes: some have even been incubated within Centrale Nantes. Indeed, they can give us a better insight into project management in the field of e-health. Those are great opportunities!

Published on November 7, 2017 Updated on November 7, 2017