A look back at September

What happened in September: framework of the projet, courses and sub-projects.

from October 2, 2017 to October 6, 2017


Many things happened during this first month!

First of all, a lot of research, many discussions and meetings with the University Hospital of Nantes and our supervisors, allowed us to tackle the subject. We were finally able to define our objectives and deliverables. Watch our first video to learn more about that!

The second step was to define the governance, the scope, the schedule and to create a Quality Assurance Plan, to determine the framework of the project,  in terms of planning and organizational chart. This key document reassures the hospital of our understanding of the project and the means we will implement to carry this out. Thanks to our schedule, it is easy to distribute the tasks, according to individual personal skills!

Many courses…

In addition to the knowledge that we have acquired with our various courses, we have identified other skills that we need to carry out our project. During September, we followed communication classes, AI classes and received an introduction to Unity software,  that we will use to produce our digital demonstrator.

In addition to those classes, others courses offered in the many options of the school were taken individually, to master knowledge useful for the project.

In the coming days and weeks, we will continue our Unity training, and will receive data security and 3D interaction courses.

... and sub-projects

Among the many options offered at Centrale Nantes, we found students ready to help us in our project. Two sub-projects have been proposed in these options.

A pair of the IT option will create under our supervision a patient-doctor interface, allowing for the collection of patient data and to transmit it, once formatted, to the caregiver.

A second project for a pair of the Virtual Reality option will focus on some of the work to be done in Unity as part of our digital simulator.

Now that our website is launched, we can start contacting companies in the coming days. See you next Thursday for more progress!

Published on November 7, 2017 Updated on November 7, 2017