Wilfrid Dumas

Project Manager

Wilfrid was born on 16th October 1995 and comes from Paris. He joined Centrale Nantes in 2015 after his “classes préparatoires” in physics and industrial sciences in Paris.

He likes nature and sports (running, bike-riding, horse-riding, swimming…). Wilfrid is very curious and has an interest in various topics. He undertook a caesura with two internships and wants to work in a Venture Capital investment fund or in a consulting firm in strategy.

His role in the project: plan, organize and coordinate the work in different axes and groups of the project. He has to always be informed about everyone's progress to present the work to the clients. He has to manage the team and take the necessary decisions needed for the deliverability of the project.
Published on October 1, 2018 Updated on October 18, 2018