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The use of connected devices

We are coming back on the connected devices and the companies producing them. We present the help granted by these companies.

from November 5, 2018 to November 11, 2018

One of our deliverable is a physical simulator that realize a test in real conditions of use, in january, inside the apartment of a team member in order to prove the reliability of connected home. To create this simulator we need to get connected devices which are developed by companies.

This week we had the chance to meet two companies. Schneider Electric is a firm specialised in the management of the energy and electrical equipments for accomodation. The activity of iHealth Lab is the development of connected devices for health and well-being like blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, weighing scales and activity tracker.


Schneider Electric has developed connected houses which are used in retirement homes and houses for elderly dependent persons. Solutions which are proposed allow to assure security and comfort for the person. They already have highlighted some issues concerning the project.


Thanks to the meeting realized with this company we have the possibility to visit one of their connected accommodation in order to have an overview about different sensors and their integration. We are also allowed to access human-machine interface to visualize collected data. Some data about the environment of a place collected by connected devices could be shared with the aim of supplying our physical and numerical simulators.

The meeting with iHealthLab has also been enriching. Indeed, members of the group have visited their offices in Paris to retrieve devices and obtain informations about their functioning and method to transfer data.

Furthermore this two companies are ready to help us and bring another point of view to our business model to enrich it and get an economic viability.



Published on November 9, 2018 Updated on November 12, 2018