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The integration of the connected house for health in French society

The connected house for health is for now just a prototype. The acceptance of patient follow-up by connected devices creates in our society a major thinking.

from November 12, 2018 to November 18, 2018

As SmartHealth, we are working on the acceptance of the device by the primary concerned persons, patients and medical staff.

In order to follow patients at home with connected items, our process should be personally accepted by the patients. Indeed, it is likely that in the future, in term of use of this kind of devices, the free will is more important than general reglementation. So our process presents assets helping this acceptation. Indeed it allows a better comfort thanks to the homecoming of the patient during his recovery. We hope for a faster and more efficient recovery.

The home follow-up should be an everyday concern of the medical team. this is why the integration of our process to the current hospital working process is primordial.

Then, technical questions appear.

Should we use wired technologies or radio protocols to collect connected devices datas? Even if radio protocols seem more practical for the system set up, there is a discussion about the robustness of this system and the possible negative effects of the radio waves on health.

Data safety is also necessary regarding the very private nature of the datas. So how can we ensure the data security?

Finally, a reflexion on financial aspects of the project is necessary in order to ensure the economical viability of the project.

This leads us to consider the development cost of our service and the cost of hospital activities, that shall be replaced by home follow-up. We can deduce the saving that our process could engender. This cost reduction stake is a major one considering the actual budget deficit of the social welfare.

Reglementations should aussi be considered in order to develop our project.

The new regulation on data protection is restrictive in term of data use. How can our project integrate this regulation to respect legal framework?

The right of marketing of our project is necessary to sell our service. How can we develop our process to get this right?

The questioning on responsibility is a key because our service concerns health. In order to enjoy the  health structures responsibility, how can a collaboration with hospitals is attainable? 

Published on November 16, 2018 Updated on November 16, 2018