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The citylab

We got involved november 21st, 22nd and 23rd in the citylab organized by the alliance between three colleges of Nantes. This is a return of what happened here and the benefits we took from it.

on December 7, 2018

Centrale Nantes, Audencia business school and ENSANantes are composing l’alliance. This organization is a close link between three colleges in order to share and mix the expertises. This organization allows to organize events for the students.

This is in this frame that we have been united  november 21st, 22nd and 23rd on the Audencia sciences com campus for the citylab.  This unique event gathers students of the three schools in order to provide their skills to different companies. The students are slit in differents groups and they work on several projects. This year subject was health in the city.

The considered operation is an hackaton. Small groups are gathered during a short time to work on mutual project. The skills hybridization is fundamental for the project. The variety in students profiles allows to bring satisfying results while developing the students’ group working ability. We realize that skills are different even if the students aren’t casted in the mold imposed by their formation. It is not impossible for an engineer to demonstrate creativity or that a business student presents technical skills in IT development.

The functioning method has been especial. The short work time of three days encouraged us to work with a very organized way. We had, the first day, to work only on the ideation. It has been quite frustrating for us to concentrate only on the ideas without thinking about the solution. We spent the second day conceiving the prototype of the solution. This is where technical skills have been helpful. The third and last day was the day for the presentations. We showed our work  to a jury composed by professors of the different schools, who were supervising these three days.

The different projects have been evaluated after the presentations. We will remember from these three days that everyone’s skills are important for this kind of objectives. Every student can bring his personal knowledge for a work on welfare and health in the city.

Published on December 13, 2018 Updated on December 13, 2018