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Smart home for health

Our aim: design a demonstrator of a smart home for health providing:

  • preventive and continuous surveillance of their residents: equiped with connected objects for health, the house will be able to monitor some vital parameters and to alert the patient and/or the doctor if necessary
  • the post-hospitalization follow-up of a patient: kits will be made available to follow the treatments and inform the doctor about the evolution (positive or negative) of the patient's condition

Some major issues:

  • a technical issue, about encryption, data security and development of an AI
  • a societal and ethic issue, concerning the perception of this kind of equipment
  • the issue of the equipment, concerning the devices and the companies to work with
  • the issue of the patient's care, concerning the priorities and the pathologies to deal with
Published on November 30, 2017 Updated on February 1, 2019